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Fracture of Distal Femur - Left | Periprosthetics | RFX Solutions by Rimasys

Fracture of Distal Femur - Left

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The purchase of 3D-Prints requires a VR-Segmentation. Price is included in 3D-Prints.

Cremation Options

1. Option: My company/institute will organise the cremation; Rimasys requires the appropriate cremation papers after the specimen has been used in a course.

2. Option: Rimasys will organise the cremation process (15 – 25% of specimen price, depending of size). Please note that shipping back to Cologne is necessary. 



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  • AN59074025
  • ScienceCare
Lifelike fracture in a fresh frozen anatomic specimen with intact soft tissue mantle... more
Complexity: advanced
Laterality: Left
Gender: Female
Age: 80
Height: 168.0
Weight: 77.0
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White)
Conservation type: Fresh frozen
Specimen Dimension: Entire Femur to toe tip
"Fracture of Distal Femur - Left"

Lifelike fracture in a fresh frozen anatomic specimen with intact soft tissue mantle generated through our biomechanical algorithm. Fracture patterns according to classifications (e.g. AO, Schatzker etc.) For simplification we offer the fractures according to three levels of complexity: